Explanation of Charges

Post Install
A freshly painted wooden post installed next business day.  Post remains at property for 90 days before extra charges apply ($10.00 per mo). The removal of post as well as the storage of signs and riders is all included in this price.

Frame Install
A metal frame is installed next business day.  Agent supplies frame and hardware.  No addition charges apply. Removal as well as storage is included in price. All frames are stored with signs and riders attached as well as being labeled with the agent's name. As frames become scratched, rusty or generally worn out, they are given a fresh coat of Tremclad rust paint at no additional cost.

Raised Post Install
The same as a post install but a surcharge is applied due to the degree of difficulty and longer bars used.  Post may need to be raised due to landscaping obstacles such as shrubs, hedges or fences.

Correction / Repair / Reinstall
This applies to deliberate action against the post, such as vandalism, a third party removing it or posts that are leaning due to the spring thaw or any other weather conditions.

Replace Sign / Add sold / Sign only
This charge is mainly for the driver.  It does not reflect the work being done, but the time and gas involved to complete the task.  For out of town calls, this charge is increased to half of what was charged for the original installation of the post.

Driver Charge / 2 nd Trip
(Same as above)  Driver charges are applied whenever a call is attempted, but not completed.  This may be due an incorrect address, a vendor refusing the sign, or having no viable location to install your sign.  A second trip charge may be due to the post/sign not being left out or accessible for removal.

Extended Loan Charge
This is applied after a wooden post has been out at a property for over 90 days.  It is charged once a month until the post is called down.

Sticker Charge
This is the cost of one set of “FOR SALE” or “FOR LEASE” stickers to be applied to a sign.  Stickers cannot be reused and will remain on your sign for future use.  At some time however, the sign may need to go up again without the stickers on.  They will be removed and if needed again the same charge will apply.  (We highly recommend buying riders to avoid these charges)

Destroyed / Lost Post
This is to cover the cost of a standard wooden post.  The price is not a fine, but represents the cost of labor and materials to assemble a replacement post.  It is the same price that we would charge if we were to sell a post outright.

Out of Area Installations
This charge is for installations well outside the GTA area.  It does not reflect work done so much as the time and gas needed for the installer to complete the call.  Tier 1 rates apply to the Toronto Area, Thornhill, Markham, Pickering and Ajax.  Tier 2 rates apply to Mississauga, Brampton, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill, Whitby and Oshawa. Tier 3 rates apply to Oakville, Aurora, Newmarket ,Bowmanville. Out of area calls are exempt from next business day service. An extra day may be required to complete these requests.  For out of area calls, Driver charge/second trip and add rider charges will  amount to one half of the install price.  Once again, this does not reflect the work done, but the time and gas to complete the call.

Wall Sign
This involves a ladder and is restricted to the main to lower third floor area of the building.  The cost is determined by degree of difficulty as well as insurance costs.  The sign is fastened to the wall using self threading Tapcon bolts and washers.  The holes drilled are slightly smaller than the diameter of a common pencil and up to a depth of 1½ inches.  To minimize damage to the structure, as few holes as possible are drilled (a common 2x3 sign only requires 4 bolts) and are done in the mortar joints-not in the bricks.  In some cases, particularly on older buildings, the joints are weak and will not hold the sign.  Only in this case will we drill directly into the brick.

Wall Sign Removal
This involves a ladder and does not require as much time or effort to complete.  All signs and materials are removed from the building face.  Since Tapcons are used there are no plugs or anchors left in the wall, just the small holes.  The holes made do not go past the depth of the bricks and as such, the damage is esthetic only.  Due to the small size and height at which the holes were made, they are not filled in afterwards.  To patch over these holes would only draw more attention to the area.

Add Rider to Existing Wall Sign
Again, involves a ladder and is less time consuming than a complete wall installation.  In this case the rider, usually a “sold”, is fastened directly to the existing sign.  No more drilling or bolts are required.